By signing below, I agree to participate in the 2016 growing season at the

Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. farm as a member.  This membership means:


·             My financial contribution to the farm will allow the farmers to grow chemical-free produce for me and up to 80 other members, deliver this food to members, improve farm soils, and build farm infrastructure as necessary to allow the farm to grow.

·             I will share the benefits and risks of small-scale agriculture.

·             I understand that I may be blessed with an abundance of some crops, a lack of others, and just the right amount of others, as the season permits.

·             I agree to pick up my share every week for the duration of the 20-week growing season. 

·             In lieu of my absence at pickups, the Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. will store my share at the Sunrise Coffee Shop’s refrigerated cooler or donate my share to the Missoula Food Bank, depending on my preference.